Jake Paul Net Worth (2017)


It’s official Jake Paul has become the new Justin Bieber, generating tons of headlines for his wild Hollywood antics. All this attention is only beefing up the young stars bank account, pulling in an estimated 32k dollars a day.

Jake Paul Net Worth 2017
Jake Paul Net Worth 2017


His current house is 17.5k dollars/month and he recently got his hands on a Tesla Model X. He even bought his older brother a Lambo. Jake Paul rented Glass House that worth 10.5 million dollars to film his videos. Some onnline sources pick Jay Paul’s net worth at 4 million dollars but his current career and his main YouTube channel pulling almost 500 million views a month, he’s likely seeing some million-dollar paychecks.

On top of that, we’re still only talking about his Google AdSense revenue which isn’t bad for a kid who’s only twenty years young. We’re gonna walk through his financial come up, where the money is coming from and what he spends it on.

Before Fame of Jake Paul

Jake Paul was born on January 17th, 1997 in Cleveland, OH. Jake started making funny videos with his brother at the age of 10 which by 16, had turned into a competition on who could become more popular on Vines. A few viral vine videos later and the kids were pulling in more money than their parents after just six months.

Jake is said of his success as you get more and more popular and start to build a brand name for yourself in the space, you start working with big fortune 500 companies, merchandising deals, you can tour there are lots of ways to monetize but if you have millions of fans and you convert even 5% of them to pay for something of yours, you were in the seven-figure range. When the time vine shut down in January 2017, Jake had already amassed 5 million followers, his first brand deal only paid 250 but soon he was being flown out to Texas where he got paid a thousand bucks. He was working with coca-cola but this time his rates were higher and higher, it was a hundred to two hundred thousand.

At the age of 17, he moved to the City of Angels. Jake was pretty quick to diversify his online celebrity onto Facebook, Instagram, clocking in millions of followers on both which would have been led to more deals, he also got going on YouTube back in 2014 but he wasn’t finding the same success at first and his videos only clocked in 10 to 20,000 views.

Jake also landed himself on the Disney show bizarre bark, adding Hollywood actor to his resume and a solid Disney paycheck for two seasons, as the collapse of vine approached Jake knew that the future of online video existed on YouTube and he made multiple moves that turned him into the millionaire he is today, he stayed consistent on a vein channel pumping out more and more videos.


Currently, his main YouTube channel is clocking in 50,000 subscribers and over 15 million views a day. It’s like 32,000 dollars in his pocket each and every day, there’s also a program known as Google preferred which deep pocketed companies can target ads on the top 5% most popular content, so the money will be rolling in every day. But his earning potential is absolutely massive through his work with a team where he takes a 10 to 20 percent cut off the earnings of all the members of the team for five years.

Jake is doing to grow his brand and earning potential is through merchandise. YouTube video that Jake uploads to his channel, he makes sure to shout out his clothing brand analysts speculate that the star earns hundreds of thousands of dollars per month by doing just this alone. He has also authored a book called the Agana Wada which sold very well now.


Jake Paul does have some expenses, he even has an editor. Jake doesn’t spend a lot of money on clothes because he’s always repping his merch but what he has spent his money on is buying and renting ridiculous cars and mansions.
Jake recently got his hands on a Tesla Model X, it seems this one was a bit of a sponsorship deal, it comes with doors that open from the top it’s got all wheel drive and a hundred kilowatt battery providing 475 kilometers of range.

The Model X car has ample seating for seven adults but Jake doesn’t actually need to share because he bought his team a bus to roll around town. If you want to know more about the Lamborghini that Jake and his brother have rented for their music videos, they would have set them back about $2,000 each and every day for each and every car.

Jake Paul’s house is a five bedroom and five bath room mansion located at Beverly Grove near Melrose aware the rent cost from 17,459$ a month. Jake and his crew are actually living like modern-day rappers.


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