Will Lauren Jauregui Leave Fifth Harmony?

Will Lauren Jauregui Leave Fifth Harmony
Will Lauren Jauregui Leave Fifth Harmony?

Lauren Jauregui says Fifth Harmony is holding her back and Camila explains why her breakup with Fifth Harmony is worse than an actual breakup.

Camila Cabello talked to Music Choice at the Billboard Hot 100 festival but had a hard time focusing, working the fidget spinner on her foot, and then later stuffing her mouth with marshmallows. She even knocked her head into the mic,

– What is in that?

– Trump.

– Did you say Trump?

Camila was more focused talking to Flaunt magazine and revealed why she thinks friendship breakups are worse than romantic breakups.
Camila’s the one who left Fifth Harmony and we all didn’t see that coming. Anyways, surviving Fifth Harmony are Lauren Jauregui recently talked with Complex and revealed in the past she had to repress her creativity while working with the group, Lauren Jauregui stated

“I had to shut down my creative side because we weren’t really allowed to create. I was kind of in this cycle of just “do”. I started to wake up and be like “there’s so much more to life”.

However, Lauren later claims that she and the group had a transformative moment when working on their new album. Maybe Lauren Jauregui is speaking on behalf of the whole group here and you know the name Fifth Harmony would be way too silly if this group was suddenly down to three members.


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