OMG! Taylor Swift Disses Kim Kardashian & Katy Perry?


Taylor Swift drops her savage new video for “Look What You Made Me Do” at the VMAs. The new official video did drop some new references to Taylor and her many enemies. Taylor takes aim at all her enemies on this new song.

Taylor Swift Disses Kim Kardashian & Katy Perry
Taylor Swift Disses Kim Kardashian & Katy Perry?

Taylor Swift puts herself atop a mountain of old, dead personas. The ballerina from “Shake It Off”, the nerd girl from “You Belong With Me”, and many others.
This is Taylor rising from the grave that Kim Kardashian’s Taylor Swift Is Over party put her in. There are serious Thriller vibes here. But let’s get to what’s new. This time there is a direct reference to Kim Kardashian.

– What are you doing?

– Getting receipts.

– What’s with that bitch?

– Don’t call me that!

– Ya’ll.

– Oh stop acting like you’re all nice, you are so fake.

– Oh there she goes, playing the victim again.

– The snake Taylor is also on the runway

She’s definitely calling out Kim for manipulating that video Kim took that supposedly, we think, exposed Taylor for lying about Kanye West’s song Famous. But Taylor also takes aim at the old Taylor and she seems to be saying this is only one of her many faces. Part of her reputation, not her entire new persona. But we’ll have to wait for the full album Reputation to drop this fall to know how dark Taylor Swift has really gone.

She says all she thinks about is karma. Probably because Katy Perry told James Cordon karma had come for Taylor. There’s also references to Kanye, to Kim Kardashian. But the song is really tailored to the world. She’s got a list of names and yours is red.
Taylor Swift is already stark. Taylor is trying on a new face the face of the villain coming for revenge. In some ways, this is classic Taylor her real life turned into music. her real life turned into music. For Swish Swish and two days later Taylor hits us with this single. Katy Parry drops her album Witness. Taylor steals her thunder and brings all her music back to streaming services the same day.

Many many outlets are also pointing out Taylor always has won fans by playing the victim. But she’s also always had gullible enemies like Kanye West who act out and fall right into her trap. That all changed with Kimye thought, Kanye made Kim fashionable, but Kim made Kanye invincible. They’re more dangerous together and Taylor found that out the hard way.

Kim’s Taylor Swift party was so devastating to Taylor’s reputation the title of her upcoming album, Taylor knew her only move was to embrace the snake and make it part of her brand. Taylor is reportedly even going to be selling Taylor is reportedly even going to be selling But, if Taylor really wants to start a new party it’s going to have to be about the music. Does “Look What You Made Me Do” accomplish that? Katy Perry certainly couldn’t top Bad Blood. Maybe Taylor can’t either.

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